Your Image and Brand is Crucial to Your Business

If you are checking out this page right now, you already know that having a great headshot is important to your business. It doesn’t matter if you are a one-person operation or a Fortune 500 company. We will work with you to create images that make your business look great while working inside your visual branding. 

  • We are located in downtown Clinton, Oklahoma we can serve you there, or bring a mobile studio to you.

  • We can accommodate any number of people in almost any time frame. Six people or six-hundred, our staff specializes in getting every single person a headshot they will love.

  • We believe that if people enjoy the process, that they will be happier with the final product. We aim to deliver a relaxed, fun, experience that focuses on quality and efficiency. We want you and everyone you work with to look forward to “picture day” and, once you work with us, you will.

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Studio Headshot Pricing

  • Premium $349

    90-minute studio session, up to 6 looks, minimum of 80 high resolution images.

  • Standard $249

    60-minute studio session, up to 4 looks, minimum of 50 high resolution images.

  • Basic $149

    30-minute studio session, up to 2 looks, minimum of 20 high resolution images.

  • Executive $99

    10-minute studio session, 1 “company matching” look, 1 high resolution, retouched image.

Personal Branding Session

  • Half Day Studio Session $699

    Sometimes you need more than a headshot. Personal branding sessions are a great option for creating a series of dynamic images to market your brand. Includes unlimited looks and a design and wardrobe consultation.

  • Additional Person $99

    Do you have business partners? You can include them in a personal branding session for an additional fee.

Group Headshot Sessions

  • 4-9 people $75/person

    Each person will get a personalized session and 1 fully retouched, high-resolution headshot.

  • 10-20 people $65/person

    Each person will get a personalized session and 1 fully retouched, high-resolution headshot.

  • 20+ Contact Us

    Groups of 20 or more may qualify for a special group rate, please contact us so we can provide you with a custom quote.

Custom Retouching

  • One Image $39

  • 3 Images $100

  • 10 Images $300

  • 10+ Images Contact Us

More Information

Upgrade to on location for $149, requires purchase of “standard” session or larger

For all the answers, check out our headshot FAQ below

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Headshot FAQ

  • Do I need a professional headshot?

The simple answer is yes.  If you’re an actor and it’s been more than 2 years since your last headshot, it’s time to get it updated now!  A headshot is your business card, it’s how you get work, and could be the difference between unemployment and your next big break.

If you’re not an actor, but are online in any capacity then the answer is still yes.  Your headshot is often the very first point of contact you have with a new client, colleague, or potential employer.  Think of it as your first first-impression.  What better way to present yourself than with a professional headshot?

  • What makes Blakeburn Studios different?

We offer our clients an outstanding portrait that is truly second to none.  In addition to photographing people, we educate them as well as learn from them.  By collaborating with each client to make the session unique to him or her, no headshot session is the same.  Think of your headshot not as just a photograph, but your personal calling card.  What would you like to say?

  • What should I do to prepare for my headshot session?

1.  The first thing is to trust your photographer.  Many people come in to a portrait session afraid or nervous.  There’s nothing to worry about!  We’re going to hang out and I’ll probably try to make you laugh.  Every direction given is to make you look your best.  In addition to being your photographer, I ‘ll also be coaching you with your look and expression.  If we can coach it, we can get a great headshot.  We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  I do free consultations, where we can meet and discuss the headshot look that is best for you.

2.  Put together a playlist to listen to during your headshot session.  We can play an iPod or through Spotify.  Your playlist should be songs that inspire you and remember to keep it upbeat.

3.  Moisturize.  A little bit goes a long way to prepare your skin for your headshot.  Be sure to moisturize the night before and the morning of your session.  If you’ve hired a makeup artist, do not apply makeup before your session.

  • Do I need a hair stylist for my session?

If you hire our makeup artist, they will come prepared to help you with your hair.  But, you know your hair better than anyone.  The portrait is supposed to represent you on your best day.  You know how you want it and will probably do it best.  We’re here to help if that is preferred.

  • Do I need a makeup artist for my headshot session?

I recommend a makeup artist for all of my female clients.  We don’t require it, but you will look better in your portraits.  If you are booking with me, you’ve already realized the importance of your investment in an amazing headshot, so you might as well do it right.  And really, isn’t it fun to be pampered and taken care of?  You’ll look better, feel better, and the final product will be better.  If you’ve hired a makeup artist, please come to the session without any makeup on and be sure to moisturize beforehand.  For men, I generally recommend that they don’t wear any makeup for their headshot session.

  • Should I get a haircut before my session?

A haircut is a wonderful idea before any session, just not the day before.  If possible, try to get it cut at least a week before the session.

  • Should I shave before my session?

If you feel like shaving, make sure to do it well.  We all have those days when we miss a little, so take a little extra time in the morning to get a nice clean shave.  You are also welcome to bring your razor to your session.  Some men who get the multiple-look sessions like to have a bearded and a clean-shaven look.

  • How many outfits should I bring?

Feel free to bring as many as you like!  Just please don’t bring anything you won’t love yourself in.  It has to fit you well and you should feel confident in it.  If you need help deciding, I’m more than happy to assist.  And remember, if you booked a 1 look session, that means 1 outfit.

  • What do you mean by Look?

In short, this means the number of outfits you’d like to be photographed in for you headshot session.  Corporate headshot clients typically just do one look, while actors go for a few more.  For actors, it really depends on your casting.  What roles do you want to be cast in?  What feeling are you trying to convey.  It is not uncommon for women to completely change their hair and makeup between looks and for guys to start with a beard or 5 o’clock shadow and shave for a different look later.  You want to make sure the casting director can visualize you in the role your auditioning for.

  • What should I wear to my headshot session?

The most important thing is to wear something you like.  If you don’t have anything what better time to go shopping?  Next, make sure that it fits you well.  Keep in mind to keep the outfit wrinkle-free and away from pets before your session.  Try to stay away from blacks and whites as they tend to be very contrasty, and on that note avoid loud prints as they are very distracting.  Earth-tones and gem-tones tend to make the best color pallets, as well as grey.  Avoid short sleeve/sleeveless shirts unless you love your arms.

For corporate headshot sessions, I recommend dressing as you would for a client meeting.  For actors, keep it simple.  T-shirts, layers, and interesting necklines all work well.

  • Should I wear jewelry in my headshot?

I recommend keeping jewelry to a minimum.  Small studs are perfect, try to avoid dangling earrings, and for necklaces avoid anything large and “blingy”.  Less = more.  The product is you, not the fashion, it should accentuate you, not distract from you.