The images taken for your senior year are about telling your story. They capture all the aspects of what makes you, you. So, choose your photographer carefully.

Booking with us is effortless and we’re determined to give you the best experience, start to finish. Making sure you’re guided through every step of the process, we help you carefully determine what outfits and what backgrounds or locations work best for you. By the time your being photographed, you’re familiar with your photographer and we know exactly what your vision is. The only thing left to do is enjoy the experience. Creating a comfortable environment is our specialty, and we make sure you feel and look amazing.

If you are looking for a CD to print at the drugstore, that simply is not us. If your goal is “good enough”, then we are overkill.

Feel free to come by our studio to view our gallery and take a peek at our background choices. After coming in, taking a look at our studio, and getting to know our team, we are confident you will be excited to see just what we are capable of here at Blakeburn Studios.

Blakeburn Studio Portraits are not for everyone. Blakeburn Studio Portraits are for people who want the best.

Senior photography keeps changing. Senior portraits are about presenting your true self in the best way, so why not work with someone who has mastered the art of photographing to help you do just that and much more? Bring us your ideas and we will enhance them and make them a reality. Our goal is to provide you with stunning images that uniquely reflect you as an individual that can be showcased on the very best quality of products.

Senior Sessions


Our Ultimate Session is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience for any high school senior! During this three-hour session, we will capture your unique style, attitude, and personality.  Our Ultimate Session experience starts in our studio, followed by travel to an on-location destination of your choices. Popular destinations for our seniors are Brick Town, Little Sahara, Wichita Wildlife Refuge, Foss Lake, or the college they will be attending following graduation.  In addition to your three-hour session, you will have a custom composite session. Composite sessions allow for unlimited possibilities! During your consult, we will plan your custom composite portrait, tailored to your style. This portion of our Ultimate Session experience allows us to put you anywhere, in a stadium, at a waterfall, on a mountain, anywhere and anything is possible.

  • In-Studio & Outdoor Location (Location of your choice)

  • Unlimited Outfits

  • 3 Hour Session

  • Composite Session



Basic Session 100

  • In-Studio

  • Up to 3 Outfits

  • 60 Minute Session


Standard Session 150

  • In-Studio & Select Outdoor Locations

  • Up to 5 Outfits

  • 90 Minute Session


Premium Session 200

  • In-Studio & Outdoor Location (within 45 minutes of studio)

  • Up to Outfits

  • 120 Minute Session


Yearbook/Cap & Gown Session 50

  • In-Studio

  • 1 Outfit

  • 20 Minute Session


Composite Session 75

  • 1 Look

  • 30 Minute Session

  • Unlimited Possibilities for Custom Image

Contact us today to schedule your custom senior session