Sports Photography

Blakeburn Studios is pleased to offer you the most custom and innovative sports photography program available anywhere. Our goal is to provide fast, efficient photography as well as quick order returns. We have the ability to customize each sport program within each school to highlight their school colors and mascots in the template design. Green screen not your thing? That's perfectly fine! Our professional photographers are perfectly capable of photographing traditional sports individual and group images, in any lighting or weather conditions. There are several reasons to choose Blakeburn Studios for sports photography, but our biggest contribution is that we offer the latest, eye-catching graphics without gumming up your order form with an overload of specialty products. Our product line will always be straightforward, simplified, and easy to understand.

Green Screen Sports Photography

We devote complete attention to each athlete and give them one-on-one instruction when taking their photos!  We photograph 3 individual poses for each athlete; this gives the player options to choose their own unique pose that highlights their talents!

With our green screen sports method, group photos are taken individually and then digitally composited to make the group photo. Using this method, we can photograph multiple sports teams all at once to really speed up the process for schools and leagues... So you can get back to what you do best: Winning!

Banners and Attitude Panos

Hang our banners on the fence or in the gym to support your players, advertise for your program, and intimidate the competition! 
This makes a great fundraiser too! Ask us about sponsor programs to help with the cost of banners.
Banners are printed on premium 13 oz vinyl for indoor or outdoor use, complete with grommets.
Individual banners are often used to highlight the seniors or graduating members of the team. These players have worked hard to get here! It's their turn to stand out from the crowd!
Banner designs are ALWAYS customized to school or uniform colors and can be created for any sport or organization.

Action Sports Photography

Many photography companies offer only the team and Individual photos because they make the most money for them. But at Blakeburn Studios, we know that parents and players really LOVE great-quality action photos as well, and we want to provide these to our schools, leagues, and parents as an additional service every change we get. Immediate online gallery uploading make this sports photography program simple to view and order straight from your phone in the bleachers as you watch the action live!